Frequently Asked Queries

We’ve put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about OLE and the cover we offer.

If you have a question that you can’t find the answer to, please mail us at OLE MAIL

Yes, you can create, organize and join the matches. Simple login as a player in OLE App and find nearest matches happening around you, or create by yourself with new reservation.

Yes, you can get your refund it depends on the time which time your canceling your reservation, for details about refunds please goto our terms and conditions section.

Yes, OLE application providing an option to create games and it will display to the nearest players around you and they can send request to join your game or you can also send request to join other's game.

For modification of your reservation time, you must cancel your reserved time slots first than book a new time slot.

Yes, OLE is providing secured platform for online payments. Our customers security is our first priority.

Common Support Questions

Most commonly questions asked by our customers.

How can I pay for my reservation?

OLE application has facility of cash payment as well as credit-card/debit-card payments. But it will totally depend on the stadium owner what payment methods he will allow for his customers.

Is it possible to pay by Apple Pay?

Yes OLE application providing the Apple Pay payments facility.

Is there any extra charges to use OLE App?

No extra or hidden charges for OLE Application except matches and friendly games service fee.

Is VAT included in reservation prices?

Yes VAT is included in all prices which will display by stadium owners.

Do third parties see and/or have access to information obtained by the Application?

Yes, third parties will have the permission to access the information only in the ways that are described in our privacy statement.

My looked-for time is already reserved what can I do?

In this case you will get notified about your desired time slot only when other customer will cancel the reservation and you will enable to get notify option from the reserved slot.